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Customer Comments

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25 Responses to Customer Comments

  1. Sharon, Michigan, Jan 1, 2020

    Biomagnetic Research products are a unique, natural, energetic approach to addressing EMF radiation. They stood out from the crowd of other EMF protection products because of the high consciousness they carry and the quality craftsmanship, skill and deep knowledge with which they’re made. I was drawn to the Electromagnetic Protection website that sold them because of the testimonials and helpful descriptions. My intuition and logical assessment were right on target. Andrew and Doe are very knowledgeable and experienced with their products and have demonstrated the highest level of customer service. They are committed to guiding you to the right products for you and personally answering all questions to your understanding. Initially, I purchased the turquoise & cobalt Personal Protective beads to wear together, two 3-Hole Resonators and two Tri-Paks. Later, after in depth consultation with Andrew and Doe, I decided to purchase the Celtic Flower Personal Power Pendant. This gives me greater protection out in the world and in other’s environments that wreak of wifi and heavy EMF pollution. I couldn’t have been more impressed or pleased by their kind and patient guidance as I learned about the products and how to best use them in my home and life. Not just 5 stars, but 10 stars! So very grateful for their support!

  2. Marie, NY. June 3, 2017

    After conducting an extensive search of EMF products and reading customer testimonials, I decided to do business with Andrew & Doe—which I later discovered, was THE BEST decision! My questions were numerous and I needed help in determining which items would work best for our family. I had no idea that I would receive the highest level of personal service delivered by someone with genuine concern and interest in the customer. Big WOW! Andrew is the antithesis of a salesperson trying to make a quick sale. He answered every question in detail, both by email and phone, and went above and beyond what any customer would ever expect. Not only was I educated on the topic of EMFs, but I was also guided to purchase products that would meet our needs in the most economical way. More WOW! And that high level of customer service didn’t end there. When I had a problem with one of the products, Andrew was quick to respond and resolve the issue. He and Doe also helped troubleshoot the negative spirit energy that was disturbing the peace in our home—which they did out of the kindness of their hearts. Anyway, I just can’t say enough about Andrew and Doe. They are truly a gift to those who have found them. =)

  3. Name Withheld, USA, April 23, 2017

    My experience with Andrew has been a very rewarding one. In a world often beset by “Me First” attitudes being the norm, I have found Andrew goes the extra yard to find the best of his products for you with putting the needs of his customer first”. A rare encounter indeed. I highly recommend him!

  4. Suzy, USA. April 13, 2016

    I purchased 3-hole resonators for a tablet, my laptop and my router, and a harmonizer necklace for exposure to wifi that’s inevitable attending school and when I need to turn on wifi at home. I am very glad for the products. I am a happy customer. They’re all beautiful, delivery was great and I believe they’re a caring company. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any big difference, however, I do believe in the effectiveness of the resonators and that the necklace does help diminish my headaches from wifi–even if it’s a little, I’ll take it! And I strongly believe that they’re helping even if it’s not more measurable–at least it feels good that I have some action that I could take to help protect myself without interfering with functionality and that I feel good using.

  5. Andrew Jacobs, June 23, 2015

    The products are great. The energy is great now that I have these products everywhere. Awesome customer service too!

  6. Cherylin, Canada, May 19, 2015

    I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! It is refreshing to buy products from a company whose owners are more interested in honestly serving their customers with integrity vs strictly trying to increase their bottom-line profits. Dee and Andrew went above and beyond ensuring that I knew exactly how to use their products for best advantage and that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for great customer service!!

  7. Barbara, May 11, 2015

    Our rescue dog does seem to have calmed down some after wearing her bead. I work around computers a lot and without the protection, I really get zapped. I have a monitor one and also a turquoise and blue one I wear. I need to get more and will over time – probably one for my cell phone at minimum and one for laptop.

  8. Rashmi, Washington, Sept 9, 2014

    I had been looking for an EMF product for about a month or so. I have been avoiding working with computers as I felt very debilitated around them, but now my job requires me to be on a computer for much longer. I had recently bought a Rejuvenizer pendant from Phyllis Light and was having some issues come up as a result, which I was finding hard to deal with at the time. So, I searched on the internet for EMF protection and found good reviews for these products that Andrew Wheeler sells. First off, Andrew was very helpful. He returned my call and answered my questions, helping me to find the right product. We chose the frequency harmonizer and an extra turquoise bead for airline travel, which I find makes me feel debilitated. I had been using the Rejuveniser pendant for a few weeks prior to ordering this, and was having some issues with it (now resolved) so at that time I was looking at a product especially for EMF protection. Andrew helped me determine that the frequency harmonizer was best for me since I am als sensitive to other people’s energies. Now I wear both the Rejuvenizer and the Frequency Harmonizer. I can now work on the computer all day with no brain fog or fatigue. I did take the frequency harmonizer off for a shower one day and forgot to put it back on. In half and hour I began to experience the old feelings of brain fog. It took me a few minutes to figure out that I was not wearing the Frequency Harmonizer. Once I put it back on I felt better in about 5 minutes and I could then work the rest of the day with no issues. The rejuvenizer pendant seems to work on a different principle and does not seem to protect as much from EMF as from negative vibrations of places and people. I have not yet tested leaving it off and wearing the frequency harmonizer alone. I will be taking a trip next month and then I will test out the additional protection from the turquoise bead.

  9. Elizabeth, Florida, June 7, 2014

    I so appreciate your outstanding customer service in sharing so much helpful information and answering my many questions. It really helped to educate me so I can make an informed choice about which products to purchase. I also want to thank your for your very clear and easy-to-navigate website. There is so much helpful information there, including clear diagrams and photographs of how and where to place these various energy devices.

  10. Rene, Oregon, May 9, 2014

    Two things changed the day I got the bead and put it on. I got the bead and put it on and I finished the GAPs protocol. I began to feel better overall that very day and by the fifth day I was no longer tired all the time and did not feel the incredible pull the computer has had for me. I am able to get up and walk away without much thought. I do feel great all the time now with a very noticeable iincrease4 in energy and positive mental attitude. My ability to deal with stress has increased. Something is working!

  11. Maura, Jan 29, 2014

    I was very satisfied with the customer service and the products. Andrew and Doe helped me decide which anti-radiation devices to purchase for my new hybrid vehicle. I purchased the tri-pak and the G-33 resonator for my hybrid, along with the 3-hole resonators for microswave ovens and a cobalt protective bead. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and I do notice the difference using the products and wearing the protective bead daily. I plan to order more products as needed in the future. Thanks again!

  12. Brookela, PA, USA, Sept 4, 2014

    First I purchased the Serenity Pendant; it arrived (parcel) post haste. I was really surprised at the speed. I got this pendant because I am surrounded by EMFs and feel that my sensitivity was causing me to be agitated and anxious. The pendant is beautiful and I wear it all the time. I don’t seem to be as agitated or anxious as I was before I started wearing it. I was so happy with my pendant that I purchased the Prosperity Pendant for my adult daughter who had been job-hunting after being pushed out of her former job 4 years ago and was seriously underemployed (she was making minimum wage after earning over 50k in the previious job. She loves her pendant, too, and things are starting to turn the corner job-wise. The only complaint either of us have is that the head-pin holding the pendant beads seemed to be copper, to which we are both allergic. I replaced both head-pins with nickle-plated pins and all’s well in our world now. I need to go back to the website and calculate what it would take to give us more protection from EMFs, both inside and outside our home. Thank you for having such great products and good service.

  13. Shirley, Aug 12, 2013

    I do feel I am sleeping better since purchasing these items. thank-you so much.

  14. Wendy, CA, June 14, 2013

    I’m so thankful I found your site. I got a new computer at work with the hard drive in the monitor, which put all that electromagnetic output right in line with my head. It took about 20 seconds before I started to get really foggy headed. I already know that I am particularly sensitive to computers, cell phones, electric current, etc. so it was no surprise. I immediately began searching the net for a cost effective protector. I came across your cobalt blue smog buster and purchased that along with a cobalt blue bead to wear. That took care of about 80% of what was being radiated from the machine, which was good enough for me! Thanks so much!

  15. Susan from West Virginia, April 25, 2013

    Honestly I must say personally that I have felt led by the Lord to purchase these products. I then came across them several years ago and they had been brought to my attention once again. I can truly feel a difference after placing these products around my home and wearing the beads. I too struggle with chronic illness and cannot afford any other obstacles to have to fight/contend with. I especially notice the biggest difference with the energy harmonizer. My husband and I sleep 10 times better. It is incredible the difference in how we feel. We also just feel all around better. We let my mother have ours and ordered another one. We could not get over the difference after it left our home. We couldn’t wait to get it back and won’t go without it now. We are recommending products to family and friends. I am a believer! We have spoke with Andrew several times and the customer service cannot be beat! I have had many questions that were answered with such honesty and care. I have also emailed with questions which were thoroughly researched and answered. I am completely satisfied with this company and would recommend to anyone. Thank you for helping us take care of our health and our families.

  16. Dawn from Michigan, April 25, 2013

    I am so impressed with Andrew and their customer service! He was so informative and I really learned a lot. He helped me customize the products to my own personal/home and office needs and he actually suggested a few things less in price than I originally thought that I needed. Now that is true customer service and honesty! Since the medical office that I work in has totally went to electronic medical records I became very concerned regarding my exposure to EMF. I have to strap an IPad to my hand for charting throughout the day and came home so mentally exhausted! Since wearing the beads daily I feel SO much better! I never realized how much the EMF was effecting until now. I purchased EMF protection from my cell phone, cell towers that are nearby, desk top computer, IPad, hot water heater and the main electric source panel running into my home. I have a compromised immune system due to some health issues and this is another great way to help protect and prevent from any other future health issues! Protecting my body and my family gives me so much peace. I now can not only protect us from what I can see but also what I cannot see. Thanks so much to Andrew and his truly amazing products, I wouldn’t live a day without them!

  17. Anonymous, April 1, 2013

    Great customer service. I ordered personal protection beads and they arrived quickly. Then a few weeks later I went back to the site and ordered a Perkl-Light which I am thoroughly enjoying. Doe was most helpful with my questions about the Perkl-Light (and the fact that they had the best price on the net didn’t hurt either.) Thanks Andrew and Doe!

  18. Milene, Feb 22, 2013

    I bought the bead, phone tab, smog buster and 3-hole resonators for wired and wireless appliances just over a month ago. The main aim is to reduce my eye strain when I use the computer and protect my family from harmful EMR. So far I have not suffered any eye strain but the real test will be when I need to use the computer for prolonged periods. I would like to try the other products, especially the Tri-Pak Resonator as I suffer badly from jet lag. To prove the effectiveness of the dielectric ceramic conclusively, I need a longer period of trial for all the products. The main setback for me is the cost but I shall be ordering within my budget plus buy a bead for my friend who suffers from eye strain. If her feedback is positive, I can then say with confidence that it really works.

  19. Mike, Sept 27, 2012

    I am so impressed with the Crystal Catalyst products in my home and personnel use. I started slowly with the personal catalyst bead and 3 hole resonator on the WI FI (router) in my home. I installed the resonator on my WI FI and was immediately given a sense of peace and lost the unrest that I was experiencing. I next started wearing the catalyst bead on a 28 inch leather chain. I again felt a heightened sense of peace and experienced increased energy. I then installed the Clearfield Plate and resonators on select electronic devices in my home and the immediate effects were enhanced. I have noticed the positive effects of the products just get better every day!

  20. Stephanie, GA, Sept 25, 2012

    I must admit–I was skeptical about harmful EMFs when I first researched them, but not SO skeptical that I didn’t buy a Crystal Catalyst Bead to try out. After all, it seemed a cheap investment. Much to my surprise, it’s shown genuine positive benefits to my health. The effect was subtle, but measurable. I decided to purchase some of the Bead pendants (Personal Protection, Breathe Easy, Serenity)for added benefit. Personally, I’ve found the Personal Protection pendant works best for me, but everyone could find a pendant to work for his/her specific need. Andrew and Doe’s company offers the best prices and wonderful service. I’ve been very happy dealing with them, and will definitely keep using them for any more EMF protection devices I may need in the future!

  21. Brenda, Puerto Rico, June 30, 2012

    I’m very satisfied with the customer service I received, because not only I got a good price, but I also received literature with my order. It shows that the company really cares about providing the best service. Thank you very much!

  22. Lessie, May 9, 2012

    I ordered products suggested, and received in 2 days. They are great, started working. I sleep without the electric shock hitting my head. First time in 1 year I can sit in a chair without these EMF shocks. I have ordered from two different companies (EMF materials), however, you can not match the price and quality of these products. I am ordering again later today. I am extremely happy. Thank you, thank you.

  23. Meryl, FL, April 16, 2012

    I had been searching for a product to eliminate harmful EMFs and came upon these products from several sources. They sounded very good on reading the research. I checked with a medical intuitive who I greatly respect and trust to hear his opinion and he said that they were great products and did what they are supposed to do. I had lots of questions as to the electronics in my home and emailed questions to Andrew. He responded and advised me in great detail. I ended up purchasing the products for all the electronics in my home. The company provides excellent customer service and prices are competitive. They are extremely trustworthy. I would definitely highly recommend this company.

  24. Susan, Vermont, April 15, 2012

    After getting notice CVPS was going to install smart meters and that I had two weeks to opt out, I did some research on smart meters and decided I would opt out and asked my landlady if she would opt out since her meter is right next to mine and only a few feet from where I spend a lot of time in my apartment. On 3/12 the landlady had the smart meter installed and on 3/13 I ordered the G-33. Before the G-33 arrived I had instant effects from the smart meter (increased tinnitus; numbness in my lips; dizziness which caused nausea; restless sleep and woke up with headaches, which I rarely ever have). Once the G-33 arrived and I attached it behind the proximity of the landlady’s meter, the symptoms subsided as fast as they came. I then ordered the smog buster tabs and put one on top of my computer which is close to the meter wall and the other on my night stand. These really seemed to help my quality of sleep and no more morning headache. Thank you Andrew and Doe for the great advise on what products to get!

  25. Sean, CA, Mar 28, 2012

    I was impressed by the customer service I received from Mr. Wheeler and the company, and their good prices and more then reasonable shipping costs didn’t hurt matters either. They were always very quick, helpful, and pleasant to deal with when I had questions. I received my items packed well and looking like I hoped..I’m happy! I did a lot of research on different EMF and RF protection systems and devices, both passive and active units and I’m convinced Biomagnetic Research’s products are excellent and affordable for this purpose. I don’t usually write comments unless I get very terrible service but I thought BMR deserved it. Thank you!

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