Electromagnetic Protection

Why do we need electromagnetic protection?

Cellphone towerWe have always been surrounded by background frequencies and magnetic fields coming from the Earth and the Sun, as well as from outer space. Over millennia, we have evolved alongside these natural phenomena. By our very nature, we are dependent on these cosmic forces as an integral part of our makeup as well as survival.

In today’s world, we are also surrounded by man-made electromagnetic frequencies emitted from cell phones and Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet, and from an ever-increasing number of transmitters being placed on masts, towers, schools, health centers, and retirement homes, tall buildings, and even disguised as trees. In fact, every person, place, and thing seems to be communicating wirelessly these days. And soon, it is said, practically all of our electronic devices, including our refrigerators and cooking stoves, will have their own IP address, so that they can be operated remotely over the Internet, using wireless technology. In other words, you will soon be able to turn on your stove and discover what refrigerated foods you need to pick up at the grocery store on your way home from work, via your smartphone, as long as you are somewhere that you can get a cell phone signal or a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

It has become increasingly acknowledged that this type of electromagnetic radiation can, does, and will interfere with the delicate nature of our own body’s electrical system. In our daily lives, we also come into close proximity with computers and televisions, and automobile electronics (particularly hybrids and EVs), which also emit forms of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) that can adversely affect us, and that can be detrimental to human health.

It is too late to turn back the clock on this wonderful technology, but we can take affordable steps to protect ourselves from it…

Our Electromagnetic Protection Products

We offer a selection of affordable and effective products, all hand-made in the USA,  to help give you protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, from essential personal protection to whole room clearing, protection from outside sources such as cellphone towers and power lines, household appliances, Wi-Fi, computers, tablets, automobile electronics, cellphones, and radio towers, including the latest 5G cellphone networks, smart meters, geopathic stress coming from underground, and other sources of electromagnetic radiation and negative energies.

These products have been successfully used around the world for over thirty years; in fact, they were the first of their kind on the market, they do not require batteries, and they will never wear out! As wireless technology has evolved over the years, so have our products, to keep up with the ever-changing world of electronic devices with its ever-increasing demand for wireless technologies.

Our electromagnetic protection products do not block electromagnetic radiation. Rather, due to the unique ceramic material from which they are made, they absorb and then rebroadcast it out in a beneficial form. In other words, they alter its harmful nature. While we cannot claim that our products will make you 100% safe from electromagnetic radiation, no other product can either, but we can help you to at least mitigate some of the harmful effects of this insidious side-effect of today’s brilliant technologies, at an extremely affordable cost.

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