How They Work

How They Work

Our electromagnetic protection products are made from, or contain,  an advanced ceramic material known as Crystal Catalyst. They can be described as being Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators.

What are Crystal Catalyst Dielectric Resonators?

Let’s take each one of the above terms and look at them, one by one:

Crystal – quartz crystal is a component of Crystal Catalyst ceramic material and lends its unique crystalline structure and properties to the mix. The Crystal Catalyst material is, in itself, able to absorb, and then rebroadcast, harmful electromagnetic fields and frequencies in a cleaner and more coherent form (see “Dielectric” below). The molecular structure of this proprietary substance also produces a resonance that not only strengthens the Human biofield, but additionally can alter electromagnetic fields, microwave radio frequencies, and other harmful environmental energies caused by geopathic stress zones, before they reach the body, therefore, reducing their ability to cause harm.

Catalyst – definition: “a substance that causes or accelerates a reaction without itself being affected:” the Crystal Catalyst material is, therefore, a catalyst because it performs the above functions without being altered itself. Our products, therefore, keep on working and can never wear out.

Dielectric – definition: “having little or no ability to conduct electricity, generally as a result of having no electrons that are free to move;” this means that the Crystal Catalyst material is a very poor conductor of electricity. When the dielectric material is placed in an electrical field, practically no current will run through it, and the material becomes slightly polarized. The resonance created by the dielectric properties of the Crystal Catalyst material can act as a filter to smooth out the oscillating and “spiky” nature of electromagnetic fields and microwave radio frequencies, making them cleaner and smoother, and subsequently less harmful. This action acts to restructure electromagnetic fields and microwave frequencies making them coherent (waves running parallel to each other) so that when they pass through the body they are much less damaging. The Crystal Catalyst material will also structure water in the same way. Structured water is water that is generally found in nature before it has been “processed” into tap water. It is said that structured water has many health benefits.

Resonator – as mentioned above, the Crystal Catalyst material produces a special resonance that could be thought of as a strong orgone (or life energy) field. This resonant energy is further enhanced by the special shape or geometric design of each product; the addition of mirrors and other geometric shapes, contained in the design of some of our larger products, further helps to focus, and/or amplify this resonant energy. The design of each product often employs feng shui principles. As Crystal Catalyst is ceramic in nature, to achieve this special resonant energy, the inventor/manufacturer fires the material in a kiln at a precise temperature within a special, proprietary energy field. This produces the special crystalline structure and unusual molecular alignment of the finished material, making the Crystal Catalyst material stronger and more powerful than it would have been otherwise, enabling the various specific finished products to either focus their energy in a particular direction or be omnidirectional, according to their purpose.

Other benefits of the Crystal Catalyst material

Polarity Our products either have a negative, or a balanced negative/positive, polarity. Negative and positive polarities attract each other. All toxins in nature have a positive polarity. Before the electronic age, our blood had a negative polarity and was, therefore, able to more easily pick up toxins and remove them. Constant exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields and especially microwave frequencies gives our blood a positive polarity, which means it can’t clear away toxins so easily. When worn on your person, a pendant made from, or containing the Crystal Catalyst material, will change the blood to negative polarity, giving it the ability to once again pick up toxic material and remove it.

Brain Activity Electroencephalograph (E.E.G.) tests have shown reduced brainwave activity when a person is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Wearing a Personal Protective Pendant and using one of our small tabs on an electromagnetic radiation source, such as a cellphone, computer, or nearby Wi-Fi router, shows an increase in brainwave activity.

Alkalinity Resting a Personal Protective Pendant next to an acidic beverage, such as coffee, wine, or fruit juice, slightly changes its pH to be more alkaline and gives the beverage a milder flavor within a couple of minutes. The same happens when a glass of water is also exposed to a pendant.

Wellness Improvements in well-being have been reported by those who are electro-hypersensitive when using our products. Also, the Crystal Catalyst material can be likened to the crystalline material found in many energy tools, including the various energy pendants and wands that are now on the market that are said to emit “life force” or “resonant” energy, in some cases also known as chi, prana, orgone or zero-point energy. As such, the Crystal Catalyst dielectric ceramic material may also be able to help with an enhanced, positive energy flow in humans, animals, and plants, thereby enhancing a feeling of well-being.

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