Tri-Pak Resonator

Tri-Pak ResonatorTri-Pak Resonator

What is the Tri-Pak Resonator used for?

The Tri-Pak Resonator can help protect a moderately sized space, such as a level of your home, from outside sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as nearby power lines and substations, smart meters located somewhere in your yard away from your home, and not against a wall of your home, and from your neighbor’s smart meter(s) and/or Wi-Fi, from nearby cell phone towers, radio masts, weather radar, and airport radar, that are within one mile of your home or office.

The Tri-Pak Resonator can also be used for the electronics behind the dash and in the engine compartment of your vehicle, especially if it is a hybrid or all-electric vehicle, by placing a resonator in the glove box or on the center console with the longest side facing toward the dashboard and engine compartment. A G-333 Resonator should also be used in a hybrid or all-electric vehicle to provide protection from the harmful nature of the electromagnetic radiation coming from the battery, which is normally located either under the floor, or under the rear seats, or under the rear storage compartment.

If you have a smart meter located on an outside wall of your home please refer to the G-333 Resonator.

A Tri-Pak Resonator can also help give protection from the following:

  • Your household wiring
  • As an alternative to the G-333 Resonator for hybrid and all-electric batteries
  • Air travel (also see our Personal Protective Pendants and Pocket Resonator)
  • Fluorescent lighting where a 3-Hole Resonator cannot be used
  • Small electrical grey transformer boxes found around the neighborhood
  • Electrical substations
  • Air conditioning units

Tri-Pak - external emf sourcesHow is a Tri-Pak Resonator used?

The Tri-Pak Resonator is a directional device that is placed so that the longest edge faces toward a source of electromagnetic radiation. For nearby power lines, cell phone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, and substations place or adhere (adhesive pad included) the Tri-Pak Resonator on an interior window sill or shelf and face the longest edge towards the external source. It will then provide protection in a fan-like area in the living or office space behind it.

Tri-Pak Resonator used on breaker box where power supply comes in from belowThe Tri-Pak Resonator is effective even if there is a wall or other object between it and the source. If positioned as instructed one Tri-Pak should be enough to help protect one level of your home. If you have multiple levels or a large home, more than one may be required. The Tri-Pak Resonator can also be used if you live in an apartment with Wi-Fi all around you, including from above and below. One Tri-Pak Resonator will give protection from more than one of the above sources of electromagnetic radiation if they are all located in the same general direction. If they are not, then more than one may be required.

For household wiring, place or adhere a Tri-Pak Resonator on or near your power breaker box so that the longest edge faces against the direction of the incoming power supply. This will then help Tri-Pak Resonator alternative placement below breaker box aimed through wall at incoming power supply to protect your household from electromagnetic radiation being emitted from your household wiring, clean up and smooth out what is known as dirty or incoherent electricity, which is also harmful, and to a certain extent, any electrical item that is plugged into your power supply via a wall outlet.

If a smart meter is present and it is situated on an outside wall opposite the breaker box then a G-333 Resonator adhered to the breaker box door will take care of the smart meter and the household wiring and a Tri-Pak Resonator will not be required.

For vehicle electronics, place or adhere a Tri-Pak Resonator in the glove box or on the center console and face the longest edge at a slight angle toward the dashboard and engine compartment. For hybrid and all-electric vehicle batteries, a Tri-Pak can be strategically adhered to the inside of the rear central compartment (if your vehicle has one) located between the front two seats, with the longest edge facing in the direction of the battery (this would usually have the Tri-Pak’s longest side facing down if the Close up of Tri-Pak Resonator from above photobattery is under the floor). In this instance, a Tri-Pak Resonator will give adequate protection for the whole vehicle. If the battery is situated further back, then it will be necessary to angle the Tri-Pak so that the longest side faces the battery. In this latter scenario, the Tri-Pak may give more protection to those in the front seats of a vehicle than those sitting in the rear. To protect the whole vehicle in this instance, a G-333 Resonator may be more beneficial.

For air travel, place a Tri-Pak in a carry-on bag and face the longest edge toward the cabin floor, where most of a plane’s electrical wiring is located. Also, see our Personal Protective Pendants and Pocket Resonator.

Tri-Pak Resonator placed in vehicle glove boxComplete instructions, including diagrams on how to use the Tri-Pak Resonator, will be included with your order.

Measures approximately 4 and 1/4″ by 3″ by 3″ by 5/16″ (110mm by 80mm by 80mm by 15mm) with adhesive pad

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never wears out

Made in the USA

Please email or call us if you have any questions


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