Personal EMF Protection

Personal EMF Protection

Frequency Harmonizer Pendant

Crystal Catalyst Frequency Harmonizer Pendant

For moderate protection against electromagnetic radiation, Wi-Fi, and 5G cellular phone networks.

Useful for relieving feelings of distress caused by a wide range of environmental frequencies, in particular, electromagnetic radiation. This pendant is recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to emf and in situations where a Personal Protective Pendant or a Pocket Resonator (see below) may be too much for them to wear due to the subtle energies these products emit. Also protective against negativity.

Contains: Lapiz Lazuli, Turquoise, Carnelian Agate, Cobalt Crystal Catalyst Bead, Amber, Red Jasper

To learn more about the Crystal Catalyst Frequency Harmonizer Pendant, please click here.


Our complete range of Crystal Catalyst Pendants,
each containing specially chosen semi-precious gemstones and a Crystal Catalyst Bead (not sold separately) designed to address specific issues and areas of concern, and provide the wearer with some degree of electromagnetic protection, can be found here.

The above Crystal Catalyst Pendants can be worn or carried with other products on this page.

Celtic Flower PendantPersonal Protective Pendants

For powerful personal protection against electromagnetic radiation, including Wi-Fi and 5G cellular phone networks.

Designed to be worn around the neck or in a shirt, coat, or pants pocket when in settings where there are a lot of computers and/or electrical equipment, including settings that are saturated with Wi-Fi, which is just about everywhere these days. The Personal Protective Pendant can also be placed in a pouch and then pinned to clothing, or placed in a sports pouch.

Celtic Knot PendantGreat for personal protection when driving or riding in electric or hybrid vehicles, including electric golf carts and wheelchairs. Also great for truck drivers, frequent flyers, airline pilots, and office or hospital workers.

The Personal Protective Pendant is designed to be effective against the upcoming 5G cellular network.

Instructions included

Measures 1 3/16 inches by 1/4 an inch – cord not included

Om PendantAvailable with a Celtic Flower, Celtic Knot, Om, or Mandala designsee photos.


Design :


Mandala Pendant





Bullet PendantBullet Pendant

See the above description for the Personal Protective Pendants.

Instructions included

Measures 1 3/4 inches in length by 1/2 an inch diameter – cord not included


Pocket ResonatorPocket Resonator

See the above description for the Personal Protective Pendants, except for the following:

Designed to be carried in a shirt, coat, or pants pocket.

The Pocket Resonator can also be placed in a bag if carried close to the body, or in a pouch, and then pinned to clothing, or in a sports pouch.

Instructions included

Measures 2 1/2 inches in length by 1/2 an inch diameter




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