Electromagnetic radiation protection product testing

In 1990, Biomagnetic Research’s Crystal Catalyst products were tested in Canada by a leading international testing laboratory for clean energy. Their testing confirmed the products were not electrical, magnetic, or radioactive, but functioned on an entirely different basis. These products could not disrupt the function of computers, or erase tape recordings. They simply reduce the stress on the human body that is associated with electromagnetic fields. Because electromagnetic fields affect biological functions, many of their tests were aimed at measuring those effects before and after using the products. The electromagnetic spectrum is often confused as simply meaning magnetism. The spectrum includes visible light as well as x-rays, and thousands of other frequencies, including radio waves and microwaves. All of the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum either assist or interfere with the cells of the human body.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing, otherwise known as kinesiology, by doctors and other practitioners at Regis College in Denver, Colorado, and the University of California in Santa Cruz, measured the strength of subjects before exposure to electromagnetic radiation from televisions and computer monitors. The subjects were then measured using various electromagnetic protection products manufactured by Biomagnetic Research. People were considerably stronger using the Crystal Catalyst products in the presence of electromagnetic radiation than they were with any of the other products tested.

Use Test

Persons having low immunity to colds and flu were given a free Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Bead* to wear. Over four years, wearers reported increased strength, felt better, and had escaped many seasonal illnesses that had affected them previously. Subjects wearing a Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Bead*, and using a Crystal Catalyst Electronic Smog Buster Tab* on their monitor when using a computer, reported they did not have a drained feeling that usually accompanies prolonged exposure to computers.

Photographic Tests

A Crystal Catalyst® Personal Protective Bead* and Electronic Smog Buster Tab* showed considerable light release when placed on unexposed film. A bead and a tab were placed on the lid of both black and white and color photocopiers, and in repeated tests copies were found to be clearer, and colors enhanced. Crystal Catalyst products have been photocopied with black and white copiers by themselves, and in the presence of crystals, gemstones, wool, silk, fiberglass etc. The beads and tabs show a definite energy field surrounding them and extending across the page. The other materials did not show this, but when in contact with the Crystal Catalyst products, they registered a large energy field.

Taste Test

A Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Bead* when placed in or against a cup of unsweetened grapefruit juice, strong coffee, wine, or other acidic beverage, gave the beverage a milder flavor within two minutes. The pH changed, and the beverage became less acidic.

Animal Tests

Personal Protective Beads* have been attached to the collars of a number of seriously arthritic goats, dogs, and other animals. One dog with terminal renal failure underwent immediate recovery. All animals showed marked improvement in stamina.

Kirlian Photography Tests

Photos were taken by Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D. showing the aura (energy field surrounding the body) of a number of subjects before and after contact with the Crystal Catalyst products. These tests were repeated at three other independent laboratories. In every case, the aura of each tested subject was larger, brighter, and displayed a large increase in blues and greens. These colors are normally associated with the aura when the brainwaves indicate the body has started to heal itself. Dr. Kennedy took energy pictures of subjects during exposure to electromagnetic radiation fields from a computer monitor, the subject’s energy was reduced in the radiation field, but showed a distinct increase when a Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Bead* was worn, and a 3-Hole Resonator placed on the monitor.

Ground Radiation Tests

Subjects working or sleeping over harmful ground radiation zones (geopathic stress zones) reported improved working conditions and better sleep, when clearing such zones with Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Livestock also became calm when in contact with the Crystal Catalyst products. Dairy cows under stress from nearby power lines showed general improvement, with increased milk production.


Subjects registered stress and reduced brain wave activity when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, indicating decreased mental capacity. Wearing a Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Bead* and using an Electronic Smog Buster Tab* on the radiation source, in double-blind tests, they showed stress-free, increased whole-brain activity, on all levels. This indicates improved user productivity.

*The Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Bead is no longer sold separately, but can still be found on the Crystal Catalyst Pendants.

*The Smog Buster Tab has been superseded by the 3-Hole Resonator.

*All products currently sold on our website are either wholly made from, or contain, the same Crystal Catalyst ceramic material that was used in the above tests.

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