Energy Harmonizer

Energy Harmonizer

Energy HarmonizerWhat is the Energy Harmonizer used for?

Primarily, the Energy Harmonizer is designed to give protection from ground radiation, otherwise known as geopathic stress, in a regular-sized room.

Secondarily, it can also help to neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from any room in which it is placed.

Energy Harmonizer Positioned on Wall

How is it used?

Placed under a bed, on a wall, or on top of a dresser, the Energy Harmonizer can help to clear a bedroom of geopathic stress and, therefore, help with disturbed sleep caused by such radiation.

Geopathic stress is caused when natural Earth electromagnetic radiation comes into contact with underground streams and rock fractures etc. causing harmful energies to come up from the ground and into your home.

Placed on a wall (wall fixing supplied) or on any surface, the Energy Harmonizer can also help to neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation within a room. When used for this purpose we would strongly recommend that other products found on this website are used in addition to the Energy Harmonizer for specific sources of electromagnetic radiation.

The Energy Harmonizer requires a small amount of light to function, it won’t work in complete darkness. It is best, therefore, to place it in an area that has some light during the day, and at night is illuminated by outside streetlights or from a dim nightlight.

The Energy Harmonizer can be carried from room to room and taken with you when you travel for placement in your hotel room, etc. For travelling also refer to our Personal EMF Protection page and the Tri-Pak Resonator.

As an aid for getting better sleep place the Energy Harmonizer anywhere in the bedroom.

Measures approximately 2 and 7/8″ by 7/8″ (73mm by 24mm with adhesive pad)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never wears out

Instructions included

Made in the USA

Please contact us if you have any questions

The Energy Harmonizer may vary in design from the images shown above, although the top image is the most up to date design as of August, ’22.

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