G-333 Resonator

G-333 ResonatorG-333 Resonator

What is the G-333 Resonator used for?

For severe sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as:

  • The latest, and more powerful, Wi-Fi routers
  • Electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, including electric motorbikes, scooters, golf carts, and wheelchairs
  • Smart meters
  • Semi-trucks
  • Computer servers

The G-333 Resonator will only be effective if it is placed on or near the offending source of electromagnetic radiation and is positioned so that it is approximately between you and the source.

How to use the G-333 Resonator

Wi-Fi Routers – some of the latest 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi routers are quite a bit more powerful than the older 2.4 GHz routers. Whilst a 3-Hole Resonator works well for the older type, the newer routers require a G-333 Resonator. Place, or adhere (adhesive pad included), a G-333, either centrally on the top of the router, or centrally on the side, depending on its orientation.

Electric and hybrid vehicle batteries – adhere a G-333 Resonator onto the top of the battery pack, or on the battery pack case (if possible), in a central position.

Smart meters – adhere (adhesive pad included) a G-333 Resonator to an interior wall directly opposite the smart meter, which is generally found against an exterior wall of your home. If you have more than one smart meter located up to a few feet apart, only one G-333 positioned centrally between them (as described above) will be required. If a G-333 Resonator is placed onto the door of a breaker box opposite a smart meter it will also deal with the harmful effects of the household wiring and a Tri-Pak Resonator will not be required for this purpose. For smart meters located away from your home, or for your neighbor’s smart meter(s), you will require a Tri-Pak Resonator.

Computer server – some offices may have a computer server close to where you are working. If so, adhere a G-333 Resonator (adhesive pad included) to the side of the computer server that it is facing the area where you and your colleagues are mostly working.

Measures approximately 1″ and 1/2″ by 1/2″ (40mm by 13mm) with the adhesive pad

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never wears out

Instructions included

Made in the USA

Please contact us if you have any questions


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