Getting Started

Getting Started

A range of Electromagnetic Protection Products to fit your needs and your budget!

We understand people have different needs and budgets and are surrounded by various levels of potentially harmful energies, whether they are electromagnetic or geopathic in nature, or something else entirely, for which they may also have differing levels of sensitivities. In the past, we have helped people who have had some particular, and occasionally, unusual and unique circumstances. Whether your situation is unusual or not, with our products you will be able to find a customized solution for your needs. We are always happy to provide you with free help and advice, either by email or phone. A link to our contact information can be found on the top menu.

Below, we have provided a guide to help you decide what you might need. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, our products do not block or shield you from electromagnetic radiation. Instead, they alter it, rendering it much less harmful whilst still enabling, for example, your cellphone and Wi-Fi to work. If you are also looking for emf shielding and meters please click on the link on the above menu. Our products can be very complementary with the emf shielding products linked above by providing protection from the emfs that can still get through, as well as those where shielding is either not possible, practical, or affordable.

Prioritize your needs…

How you decide on what product, or products, you buy will ultimately depend on your sensitivity, if you are sensitive at all that is, and/or your personal level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and/or geopathic stress.

For most people, we recommend starting with a few reasonably affordable must-have products that will give you a good level of personal protection wherever you are…

A Crystal Catalyst Frequency Harmonizer Pendant will give you moderate protection for $40.00. If you are looking for further protection, especially against the latest 5G cellular network, we would recommend one of the Personal Protective Pendants, costing $80.00,  or the Pocket Resonator, $70.00, For your cellphone we have the Cellular Phone Tab, costing $20.00.

Electromagnetic Protection for you and your family…

To give you and your family protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation in your home we would suggest you start with a Tri-Pak Resonator for your household wiring, costing $97.00, and two 3-Hole Resonators for your refrigerator and hot water tank, costing $20.00 each. Your household electrical wiring and hot water tank, whether it be heated by gas or electricity, are two of the most important places to begin your household electromagnetic protection efforts. Also, many people these days have one or more smart meters. These transmit your utility usage, usually electricity, but sometimes also water, directly to your utility company by wireless communication, and they can be a real problem when it comes to emf exposure in and around your home. For smart meters, we would recommend one or more of the G-333 Resonators, costing $80.00 each, depending on how many smart meters you have. The G-333 Resonator is placed on an interior wall opposite a smart meter, which will generally be located on an outside wall. If a G-333 Resonator is placed onto the door of a breaker box opposite a smart meter it will also deal with the harmful effects of the household wiring and you will not require a Tri-Pak Resonator for this purpose, as mentioned above. Using Cellular Phone Tabs for cell phones, smartphones, and cordless phone handsets, along with a Personal Protective Pendant, or Crystal Catalyst Pendant, for added protection for yourself and your family members, as mentioned above, should also be strongly considered. If you have cordless phones in your home we would also suggest placing an Electronic Smog Buster Tab on the base station. The Tri-Pak Resonator, when used as described above, will also help to mitigate some of the harmful effects that come from electrical appliances and equipment that are plugged, via wall sockets, into your household wiring.

Do I need to protect myself from other sources of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress?

The products already mentioned above will give you and your family a very good start towards protection against the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation that they and you will encounter on a daily basis. We would also strongly recommend that, if you and they use computers, tablets, and e-readers, you should also look at purchasing a few more Electronic Smog Buster Tabs. For your Wi-Fi Router, we recommend either a 3-Hole Resonator or a G-333 Resonator, depending on whether you have an older 2.4 GHz or a more recent 5.0 GHz router.

We offer a good variety of electromagnetic protection products for many different situations, including those for geopathic stress (ground radiation) and protection from negativity, that may be encountered. For negativity, we would recommend the Crystal Catalyst Personal Protective Pendant. If you live in an apartment and have neighbors with Wi-Fi all around you we would recommend a number of Tri-Pak Resonators each facing the offending apartments, both above, below, and on the same floor.

What about areas of heavy Wi-Fi and emf exposure, and the ever-encroaching 5G (5th Generation) Cellular Network?

A lot of fear has been spread about this largely untested new technology that promises faster cell and broadband connections, and will effectively start to provide wireless communication like we have not known before. This will occur via an array of local antennas as well as from existing cell towers, depending on the type of technology used and where it is used. Potentially, everything and everyone could eventually be connected. We could have smart homes, smart cars, and smart cities. Sounds great. doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the price we humans may pay could be dear in terms of our health. To help combat heavy Wi-Fi and high emf exposure, as already found in hospitals, commercial aircraft, some homes, and offices, as well as the upcoming 5G technology, which is already being tested in some areas, we already have the Personal Protection, mentioned above.

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